Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Pumps

Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT Pumps

Sep 29th 2020

Wilden’s air distribution systems have been redesigned to eliminate the overfilling in AODD pump operations. The Wilden Pro-Flo SHIFT series of AODD Pumps, restrict the air flow into the air chamber at the end of each pump stroke. This allows only enough air necessary to keep the pump process going. Air controlled spools automatically optimize air consumption and eliminate the overfilling of the air chamber, with the redesign there is no reduction in flow rate during this process.

The Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS is the best in its class because of the air valve assembly. The air valve design features an unbalanced spool. The small end of the spool is pressurized continuously while the large end of the spool is alternately pressurized, moving the spool by being exhausted. The air valve spool directs pressurized air to one chamber while exhausting the other. As the shaft reaches the end of each stroke, the inner piston reacts to the pilot spool, pushing the air to the large end of the air valve spool. The air control spool allows air to flow freely into the air chamber during the beginning of each pump stroke and it restricts the flow of air into the air chamber when initiated by the inner piston at the end of each pump stroke.

Features and benefits of the Pro-Flo SHIFT ADS include:

Up to 60% in air savings all while retaining existing flow rates

Reduced total cost of ownership

Designed off the same basic design principles as the tried and true Pro-Flo Series:

Unbalanced spool preventing stalling

Simple pilot spool to trigger which air chamber is filled

Minimum moving parts (less wear)

Tight tolerances to eliminate lost air

Ease of maintenance

Ability to be used in harsh operating environments

No electricity required

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