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Eaton Filtration Replacement Parts and Baskets

Eaton Filtration Replacement Parts and Baskets

May 29th 2018

Eaton Filtration basket strainers are known for their reliability and durability amongst industrial and commercial applications, having the largest inventory of strainers in the industry. Eaton’s standard cast pipeline strainers protect process system components from damaging debris, keeping downstream equipment clear to run efficiently. Eaton basket strainers are offered in a range of materials and sizes to meet virtually any commercial fluid filtration need.

When it comes to maintaining basket strainers, selecting the correct replacement part or basket is essential for the strainer to perform properly. An unauthentic part or basket can lead to strainer malfunction, resulting in destructive debris flooding through the pipeline and interfering or seriously damaging subsequent equipment.

We offer Eaton Filtration replacement strainer baskets for 30R and 72 Simplex strainers as well as 53BTX Duplex strainers in both mesh and perforated basket sheet specifications. To choose the correct basket for your Eaton cast pipeline strainer, click here for Eaton Filtration’s basket and screen data.

We also offer replacement parts and kits for Eaton Simplex and Duplex basket strainers:

30R Simplex Basket Strainer Parts: Covers, O-Rings, T-Bolt Assemblies (for old model #30), and Yokes (for old model #30)

50 Duplex Basket Strainer Parts: Cover O-Rings, Covers, Packing Set O-Rings, T-Bolt Assemblies, Yokes and Yoke Studs 

52 Duplex Basket Strainer Parts: O-Rings, Bronze and Iron Basket Covers

53BTX Duplex Basket Strainer Parts: Overhaul Kits, Balls, Carbon Steel Handles, Cover O-Rings, Covers, Eyebolts, Stem Lowers, Stem Retainers, Stem Top and Washers

72 Simplex Basket Strainer Parts: Covers, T-Bolt Assemblies, Yokes and Yoke Studs

To view all Eaton Filtration replacement parts, click here.