Blackmer Gear V Series Asphalt Pumps

Blackmer Gear V Series Asphalt Pumps

May 20th 2024

Transporting asphalt poses distinct challenges. Regular fluctuations in temperature and fluid properties necessitate a pump that's durable and versatile. Blackmer V Series Asphalt Pumps surmount these obstacles with their distinctive internal gear pump design features, ensuring successful completion of tasks where others falter. Choose Blackmer V Series Asphalt Pumps when dependable, safe, and cost-effective operation is paramount.


The innovative design of the V Series Asphalt Pump incorporates an extensive array of groundbreaking features, setting new standards and pioneering numerous industry-firsts in the asphalt market.

These pumps feature up to 35% more jacket surface area than competition, improving system reliability through the following features:

  • The ability to use the jacketed head and pressure relief valve (PRV) simultaneously
  • The Jacketing is placed behind the pump rotor, which removes a cold spot that can cause hard startup and early pump and seal failures
  • The largest jacketed surface area on a pump and PRV on the industry that allows for uniform heating whether using steam or hot oil

First Direct Replacement for Viking® 34 Series Pump & Parts

Introducing the first drop-in replacement for the Viking® 34 Series asphalt pump. This new pump allows you to replace an existing Viking gear pump without needing to modify the piping, driver, baseplate, or coupling, and it maintains the same flow rates. The V Series components are part-for-part interchangeable with the Viking 34 Series asphalt pump and include specific design enhancements to boost reliability.

Rotatable Flanges

Enables the operator to utilize both right-handed and left-handed flange orientations as needed, without incurring additional lead times or costs for left-hand configuration pumps.

High-Strength Ductile Iron Gear Material as Standard

High-strength ductile iron is the standard material for V Series Asphalt Pumps, with additional hardened material options available to enhance pump longevity:

  • Surface-hardened case, head, rotor, idler, and shaft
  • Special high-temperature hardened steel idler pin
  • Hardened cast iron idler bushing, RBS radial bushing, and stationary thrust washer