Ampco AC Series Pumps

Ampco AC Series Pumps

Apr 5th 2019

Ampco's AC Series is a market leader for sanitary pumps. AC/AC+ pumps feature a simplistic stainless steel design that bolsters durability and dependability, making it the centrifugal pump of choice for sanitary applications. Common applications for Ampco AC/AC+ pumps are bottled water, brewing, poultry industry, marinade solutions, red water chillers, carbonated beverages, juice, dairy, pharmaceuticals and more. 

AC/AC+ Series Advantages:

  • AC/AC+ Parts are 100% Interchangeable with Competing Brands
  • AC+ Unique Shaft Design is Comparable to More Expensive Competitor Models
  • Standard Stainless Steel Construction and Adapters
  • NPT or Flange Connection Options
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance and Long Lasting

Ampco AC Series Pump Brochure

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